Champion Bloodlines Pomeranians

Our puppies are raised in a loving, peaceful home environment, where they receive plenty of cuddles.

Our dams and sirs are KC Registered with many international champions in their pedigree (CAC, CACIB, Korean,Taiwan, Russian bloodlines), they’re breed standard.

Our Dogs

All our dogs are kept in the house, they are part of the household and family. All our puppies are of whole colours: white, orange and cream, cream sable and orange sable.

Teacup pomeranians

Our pomeranians are small, compact dogs all within the KC breed’s ideal weight standard: sirs 1.8-2 kgs (4-4½ lbs), dames – 2-2.5 kgs (4½-5½ lbs). You’re welcome to have a WhatsApp/Zoom call with us to see how perfect they are.

Inbreeding coefficient

Inbreeding coefficient for our dogs is always 0.0% (Pomeranian breed average is equal to 1.4%). 0% means that dog has two apparently unrelated parents, 12.5% means that dog is produced from a grandfather to granddaughter mating, 25% = the genetic equivalent of a dog produced from a father to daughter mating, or the mating of full-brother/sister. 

You can find more information on KC website.

Pomeranian show dogs

Puppy farms and irresponsible breeder’s pomeranian puppies often grow much larger, even up to 5-6 kgs. They generally don’t develop that very thick, correct double coat of the pomeranian show dogs.

Sealand Moneybox

Our dogs are descended from Sealand Moneybox, a renowned pomeranian. Ch. Sealand Moneybox, imported from England in 1938 for an alleged $2500. By the age of 15, he was considered the most famous stud dog in Pomeranian history. His 27 champions sired was a record for the breed and perhaps for any toy dog at the time. He remained undefeated by his peers, winning BOB at Westminster two years running.